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Millionaires In The United States - Shapetalk Shortcuts Way - Counting Millionaires

ONE MILLION new U.S. millionaires just in 2000 alone,
bringing America's total to 6,850,000 millionaires.

Two thousand seven hundred forty new millionaires per day
Can you imagine?

Thousands of new millionaires week after week after week

Right up until the time that the Supreme Court arrived at and issued such a profoundly corrupt (and corrupting) decision to invalidate the votes of all half million who put Mr. Gore on top, which resulted in a downward cycle in the economy, America still had nearly seven million millionaires. That's quite a number..

Several Americans will double their income in the next hour.
If you're not one of them, hush up and pay attention. Be grateful that those who are doing it are nice enough to share their high-powered shortcuts with you.
If you're NOT living your dreams, kindly pipe down and learn from those who ARE.

When you research just how these people get wealthy, the first two facts are revealing, and immediately useful to YOU:

  • Lottery millionaires plus lawsuit AND athlete millionaires AND entertainment millionaires, all added together, are less than 1% of all our US millionaires!!

  • Almost precisely eighty percent have little or no college education, let alone a degree!

About 4,275,000 of those who became million-dollar-per-year income earners between 1992 and 2000 took something they already enjoyed doing, and focused four or more hours per week finding a way to get paid for it. How complicated does it need to be for you to realize how powerfully this can & will affect you this month?   Hush up and get busy!!

What do YOU love to do?
THAT'S your personal ticket to supersuccess!!
Doing what you love, and finding ways to get paid for it:
this is inarguably the largest source of wealth in America.

How many rich in America? By 2000 A.D., you could count two hundred and seventy-one of the world's five hundred and sixty-three known billionaires, along with approximately 6,800,000 millionaires. Obviously, the Bush years cost millions of people their entire pensions and nest eggs, resulting in about half of all those new American millionaires from the 1990's boom slid all or most of the way down the financial ladder.

This doesn't even include those who are merely worth a million, just those who are earning a million or more per year. Another 50,000 people flicker above/below million-dollar mark.

How do these people do it? I asked a hundred, then dozens of hundreds, one by one, how they did it. I kept hearing the same answers over & over & over again. Surprisingly, few said, "hard work." The most common answers amounted to nothing more and nothing less than shorcuts.html" title="SHORcuts of Masters and Champions From The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way">shortcuts they'd taken years to appreciate, ESPECIALLY the act of map-making; a list of daily/weekly/annual specific things to do.

It's not unreasonable for the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way to posit that as many as nine OR MORE of every ten people who ingest these words are smart enough to know exactly what to do and how to do it. They are also far too.... profoundly stupid to act upon the information they already possess.

Those who act... are the wisest of all.
Those who act upon what they know... are the wisest of all.
Knowing is secondary to doing.

There's a fair chance that you already know one of the foundations of the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way, presumably taught to you by your parents, or other treasured role model. That cornerstone is the simple knowledge that excellence cannot be repeatedly accidentally, since excellence itself cannot happen by accident.

    When did you last earn a reputation for being great at something?

When did you personally get really busy?

The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way notes that every human who has demonstrated extraordinary skill at a given endeavor, every person who has earned a reputation for having great skill -- without exception -- can point to one thing: repetition.   It is the mother of every human skill.
Enumerating out loud and in writing what you want is the magical first step.

Can you tell us in one sentence what you most want?    If you don't know where you're going, you'll most likely end up somewhere else.
People who don't have written plans for their lives almost always serve a man who does.
You just might read that last sentence again; it goes deeper than you may be recognizing.

Like a sentinel in the back of your mind, guarding your opportunities to develop more intelligence, the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way reminds you of the cybernetic foundation of human brain function. Scientists have made it patently clear that the human brain cannot even BEGIN to function without set, defined goals. We know this, and accept it as a given, operating on this specific knowledge, planning in advance. If you already know that your brain will not operate correctly and adequately without set goals, it clearly gives you the advantage of acting more intentionally, more often, on this great information. Millionaires do not become millionaires by accident. If joining the ranks of new millionaires is a vital portion of your goalset, you must immediately acknowledge, within your own mind, the importance of immediately setting precisely defined goals.

Punching a time-clock that you do not own? Guess you're serving that person's dreams and goals, aren't you?   It IS possible to use your time more efficiently so that, if you ARE investing the majority of your work hours serving someone else's written plan (that's what we call a "business plan" while creating and serving your own written plans at least a few hours per week. A few minutes per day is enough to demonstrate that you are NOT in the 93% category of miserable, mostly unfulfilled people.

Shapetalk Shortcuts Way Destiny Versus Destination

Take an honest look at your own history thus far, and your picture of your future will be clearer. Destiny and destination are two words from the same root.     What is your destination this year?
The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way exhorts you to identify your destination in advance. Most of life gets much sweeter when you arrive at places intentionally, rather than accidentally, or blown by the winds of force that come from the goals of other men and women. Live on purpose, by arriving on purpose, by identifying the destination in advance. The simples of success secrets, and you prove that it's a SECRET of success, because the asseverations of your mouth are not at this time meeting up with your repeated daily actions.

The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way exhorts you to identify your destination in advance. Most of life gets much sweeter when you arrive at places intentionally, rather than accidentally, or blown by the winds of force that come from the goals of other men and women. Live on purpose, by arriving on purpose, by identifying the destination in advance. The simples of success secrets, and you prove that it's a SECRET of success, because the asseverations of your mouth are not at this time meeting up with your repeated daily actions.

The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way exhorts you to identify your destination in advance. Most of life gets much sweeter when you arrive at places intentionally, rather than accidentally, or blown by the winds of force that come from the goals of other men and women. Live on purpose, by arriving on purpose, by identifying the destination in advance. The simples of success secrets, and you prove that it's a SECRET of success, because the asseverations of your mouth are not at this time meeting up with your repeated daily actions.


What is your destination this year?

What is your destination this year?

Many hundreds of millionaires, one at a time, were easily enough able to state clearly what they wanted - most often in about ten words or less. This alone is a shortcut to making your dreams come true. Only when you invest a solid five minutes considering how you can personally profit with this shortcut will you find the faster, better results you may have only wished for up until now. Just shut up and think.     Ask how you can profit from this immediately, and you will.

The most common physical shortcut amongst them? Almost every one cited daily and/or weekly written notes. Throughout the course of individual interviews by phone, shared meals, etc, millionaire after millionaire referred to a written list of what they variously referred to as "daily to-do lists," goal sheets, day planners, etc. There is no doubt that writing it instantly accelerates the achievement of just about anything you could want, provided you're willing to ask people for help. This is a phenomenally powerful shortcut you'll benefit from within a day or three. The one minute it takes to write them down each day is repaid quickly, and many, many times over.

They ask for what they want. They ask. They ask more people, and they ask people more. This is far and above the single most powerful shortcut on earth. It works better than anything that will ever appear in your mind throughout your entire life. Proof will be found in the next few hours as we see how many people you ask for help today, and how many times you ask each person.

From birth to death nothing will ever compare to the power of this one high-powered Shortcut:
  Ask more people, and askright.html" title="Shapetalk Shortcuts Way PowerGem - Ask Right">Ask people MORE.   

It is the fastest, most effective shortcut in human history. An overweaning majority of so-called "self-made" millionaires tap into this awe-inspiring, life-altering, number-changing master secret of the universe, a truly total winning shortcut. Its power is magnified when you ask for what you want. Fast boost in results? Bet on it.

You already are gambling your future on it, your upcoming results, your final outcomes, because this master secret of the universe is a cornerstone of your own Shapetalk Shortcuts Way, your own reputation on it: what you MOST do today tells everyone how much effort you give. It's >assuredly among the prime determining factors of what you're of what you're known for. Today you get to use the resources you already possess to increase them at a vastly accelerated rate by asking more people more times.

These are the shortcuts used by the people who invented most of these great shortcuts.

These are keys to your internal Shapetalk Shortcuts Way,
from the people who prove they know more ... by showing more.

You know which end of the horse gives up wisdom:

The horse’s mouth. Period. Shortcuts are currently working for millions of people earning eighty thousand bucks a month; they'll work for you.

You’re living in the richest land in the single richest era in the history of Man.

The precise moment you start looking for the benefit or opportunity that exists in every event of your life is the identical moment you begin colliding with one of the ten or twenty great opportunities that come in a lifetime. This one technique produces consistently better results. Millionaires and billionaires intentionally ask better questions and consistently get better answers. Maybe you're not among the 93% who ask the same old stupid questions. We can only know by what we see you doing today.

Seven percent of us unceasingly ask better questions,
which explains clearly why we consistently win.
Since you ask yourself so many questions anyway, why not create better questions? It's worth repeating as many times as needed: Asking better questions is the fastest and most powerful method for getting better answers. The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way assures you that this is a master secret of your universe, a shortcut for everyone striving to become millionaires.

At the top of the list of priorities is a reminder to only ask the people who have the authority to say "Yes!" to whatever you may be asking for.

To Whom Do We Ask These Better Questions?
Those who consistently outproduce those around them - thanks to shortcuts. Every hour. Ask better questions. Dare to ask yourself more empowering questions, within this minute.   That means THIS NEXT 60 seconds, or you LOSE.

If your IQ were fifty or sixty points higher, which mine is, you'd be better equipped to understand that your reputation is not built on what you're capable of doing. Your reputation is not even based on what you're definitely going to do. Your reputation is based exclusively upon what you've done --- what you've done during the individual minutes that comprise your repute. The only possible way you can demonstrate whether or not you understand this incredibly powerful, fast-acting Shortcut.... is by how you demonstrate it. Get it? You can't merely TELL us that you understand it... you can only demonstrate it.
All that hogwash about how you're going to get busy "just as soon as..." is exactly that: hogwash. Bunk.    Prevarication.  Baloney. People who say they're going to do something 'just as soon as....' rarely ever take the first step. Again and again we see between seven and ten percent of the populations asking better questions. Are you surprised to learn that it's the same seven to ten percent who are IN the top seven to ten percent? You already know as well as I do that the people in the top ten percent are not always smarter, at least many of them don't seem too bright, do they?
If they're in the top ten percent, three things are perfectly certain:

  • they use at least one or two MORE minutes per hour than you do, investing those minutes into something that they enjoy doing.
  • They persistently look for ways to get paid doing what they love to do.
  • They ask more people for what they want.

Now that we have millions of Americans earning more than ten thousand dollars per week, isn't it time for you to pay attention to how they're doing it?

Not merely thousands of millionaires; rather, millions & millions of millionaires.
Are you paying attention?     Most have little or no college. They shut up and do! They do what they love, and get paid for it.
What about you?   Do you tell the world, or worse, yourself, that you know how to do it, yet repeat whatever it was you did yesterday? In order to improve a result, there must be an improvement in effort. That's simple enough even for you, isn't it?     Change the effort, you change the result.    Better effort or lesser, your results will be as close as what Vince Lombardi meant as he coached more championship teams than anyone in football history:

"Our rewards in life are always in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence, no matter what human endeavor."

In this very day everyone around you sees you trying... less or more than they are, less or more than you tried yesterday.       Give it some thought, since it applies to YOU right now.

Those who act upon information... are the wisest of all. They also tend to have more smiles & toys.  Getting it through your head that you can do it, and that you're worth it, is the huge, first step; the true breakthrough step.

We'll teach you the little powertricks and techniques along the way, and even magical, sizzling words, sentences, and questions that produce faster, better results. All of these techniques and shortcuts enjoy a multiplied, even exponential increase when you simply stop complaining and giving reasons why it "can't be done" ... ... and start listing ways, ON PAPER, for how to go about getting it done. Do you clearly understand that knowing it means little until you begin DOING it?
Sometimes your best first step is nothing more complicated than grasping the enormity of having more than fifty thousand new millionaires every month... ... and even more so when you understand that 6 of every 10 new millionaires do it through a home-based effort of four or more hours per week... ... followed by your creating a mental video of precisely how your life would be, will be, once you join the so-called millionaires club.
No need to quit your job or school: identify what you most enjoy doing, and find a way to get paid for doing it four or more hours per week... most often and most pleasingly accomplished through a business that YOU own, that YOU decide how to grow.

Act as if you're smarter, you quickly become smarter.

Act the way you want to be, you become the way you act.
  This works quickly, and consistently.

Now please close your mouth, open up your wonderful mind,
and create just one question in the next ten or twenty seconds that will advance your desire today.

One question.  Now.


If you're anywhere NEAR as smart as you believe yourself to be, it is not enough to know that dreams are almost perfectly impossible for those who refuse to write them down with a date; a list of resources and people to seek help from, and a step by step plan for making it happen.
It is not enough to know that dreams with a date are now called goals, just as it's utterly insufficient to know and understand that writing these things on paper produce faster, better results.     Nope.     It's just not enough to know it.
Contrary to what you've probably been taught (by people who have NOT pursued their own dreams, in all likelihood), knowledge is NOT power... ... ... it is nothing more than potential power.

We're asking you, right now, to answer a simple question:

If knowledge is only potential power, in exactly...
...precisely what minute does it become power?
That's quite correct:   the exact and precise minute...
that your knowledge is put to use.

For you, and for me, that means this this THIS minute in time.

Please close your mouth, open your wonderful mind,
and create just one question in the next ten or twenty seconds that will advance your desire today.

Do it now



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Summarily, millionaires who become millionaires in their own lifetimes, of their own merit, accord, cooperation, etc., are people who live their own Shapetalk Shortcuts Way, practicing and refining their own definitions and perceptions of what is fairly considered the overall Shapetalk Shortcuts Way. They do not succeed accidentally, nor can YOU stumble very far upwards on your own ladder of life and success. Long before most financially successful people become millionaires, or, more accurately, ON THEIR WAY TO becoming millionaires, they find and practice the best shortcuts, they breathe in the shortcuts of those people who are or were more successful. They eschew, as much as possible, silly or unproductive shortcuts. They specifically look for the most successful shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, just as you can do in most any given moment of your life.

These are the great shortcuts of those who do more, the secrets of success of those who achieve more.
Most everyone seems to know the secrets of success, at least we hear so many claiming that they do.
The fastest way to separate those who do well, and those who speak well about how they do well,
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The secrets of success are known best by those who taste success the most times.
The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way is a living extension of successful human beings.

The humans who succeed the most possess YOUR greatest shortcuts.
Identify who is doing it best, and, bingo, there's your best source.
This one shortcut alone can vault you forwards in the next day!

Speak less, do more. USE your greatest secrets of success. Find more of the best success shortcuts used by the people you most admire.

Along the way, feel free to refine these shortcuts, (they belong to you, not the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way, et alia),
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Employ the simple laws of physics for your own direct advantage.   Get wealthy by giving.
You cannot suspend the laws of physics, so it's wise to profit repeatedly from them.
You will find that this fruit of the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way tastes delicious.
Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
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